Asian Heat“like a sweet& sour with a lil’ kick”

Buffalo“mild to medium traditional hot wing flavor”

Cajun“dry spicy seasoning”

Original“classic breaded chicken seasoned just right”

Extreme heat“our hottest with plenty of flavor”

BarBQ“bold, rich barbeque flavor”

Garlic Parmesan“tangy, garlicky sauce with parmesan cheese”

Gold Wingz“smokey like flavor with a lil’ sweetness”

Honey Bourbon“sweet honey flavor with a kick of bourbon”

Hot Garlic“tasty, spicy garlic sauce”

Lemon pepper“dry, lemony zest seasoning”

Teriyaki“bold, tangy sauce”

Summin Different“tangy barbeque sauce”

Spicy BarBQ“flavorful hot barbeque sauce”

Chipotle“smokey, spicy flavor”

Caribbean Zing“hot with a lil’ sweetness”

Spicy Lemon Pepper“dry, lemony zest seasoning with a kick of heat”

Hot Garlic Parmesan“tasty spicy garlic sauce with parmesan cheese”

Spicy Teriyaki“teriyaki spiced up”

Honey BBQ“sweet barbeque”

Gold-N-Hot“smoky like flavor with a lil’ sweetness and heat”

Ranch“the name says it all”

Zesty Gold“gold with lemon pepper sprinkles”

Sweet Heat“honey flavor with a lil’ heat”

Spicy Ranch“ranch with a kick”

Spicy Jerk“spicy, with a hint of sweetness and full of flavor”